Learning Management System (LMS) Trends for 2015

On the world wide web today opportunities are quickly expanding and the classroom framework is evolving to include the the area of technology. These new virtual classrooms echo the challenges upon educational professionals to devise more versatile and economical alternatives to traditional classrooms. Alternatives that will provide combined educational opportunities to encourage a more social interaction during the education process.

The following is a short list of Learning Management System Trends to Follow in 2015. Following these LMS trends is an excellent method for Learning Management System experts to figure out what to look forward to in the approaching year in order to become more ready with the upcoming years courses and curriculum.LMS Trends to Follow in 2015API Integration: Provides integrated services by allowing systems to share data, similar to when someone embeds a RSS feed on their website. APIs are going to be found most often in Open Source and non-proprietary systems.

Blended Learning:Blended are among the most effectual educational programs because they incorporate a variety of educational interventions which include , social networking , class sessions , webinars , tutoring , evaluations , together with self-study .

Cloud based solutions:In spite of some serious speculation regarding LMS recent years have demonstrated a steady and constant progress in the cloud based sector of education and with no end to that progress in sight.

Extended Enterprise: Continued and higher education is a progressively increasing aspiration of many individuals both in the blue collar and the white collar workforce. In today’s world of expanding technological innovation LMS must grow and develop to accommodate the educational demands of the individuals as well as businesses and organizations.

Gamification: Game based elements facets are being introduced into the learning systems. The object is to use gaming elements such as quizzes and leader boards to make learning fun and exciting. The LMS professionals can monitor and record individuals progress.

MOOCs for Corporations: The development of many open, web based programs by corporations has been launched this past year in LMS. Those numerous programs offer an alternative way for corporations to interact with website visitors, prospective consumers and affiliates by means of online video media, by having the capability to upload and then evaluate exams, course registration, webinar as well as the graduation process.

Social Networking: Social Networking as a learning tool has grown tremendously in recent years thanks to website like Facebook and Twitter people and businesses alike are opening up more and more the idea of social networking as a part of the learning experience.

Open Badges: Open Badges are denouncing the principal and prominent currency of educational institutions and awarding organizations as compared to the sole method to be recognized for proficiency . Open Badges present a technically intelligent , internet skilled , open admission platform in which all corporate and businesses can grant substantial acknowledgment and recognition to students and trainees who display accomplishment in a particular talent, skill or ability.

Open Source LMS: The primary concept of open source learning would be the fact it allows for mainstream specialization.

The flexibility to innovate will increase significance and value by meeting the business’s unique requirements .
LMS No Longer Just a Place for Self-Paced Education

Today’s students want peer-to-peer interaction, no more boring discussion boards. Say yes to live chat, to work on educational tasks together and live synchronous learning environments where discussions are real and in real time.